Monthly Meet-Up May 2018

Hi all!
We had an awesome day yesterday! Thanks to all that showed up. If you didn’t make it, sorry that you had to miss out, hope we can catch you next time.

I’ve made a little video of our fun day in the woods. I’ve also captured a few of my favorite pictures. Feel free to distribute the video and pictures around your friends and family or through your social media channels to let everyone know what they are missing out on.

As you can tell from the name – the monthly meet-ups will happen “monthly”. But, with the New England Bushcraft Show in April, I’ll be skipping the next month. So – plan to join us for our next New England Bushcraft Monthly Meet-Up in May.

We are planning the weekend of May 26th and 27th. The idea we have right now is a two day overnight primitive camp out at a canoe camping location in Sturbridge. You can join for one of the days, or both.

Go ahead and sign up now if you are interested in being involved in a May Meet-Up.
Sign up here:

Lastly – please help us drive participation of the New England Bushcraft Show. I would really appreciate your help getting more folk to turn up. One idea – post a few of the images attached to this email and paste this URL for the show into the comments.

Share this URL:

Anything you can do to help drive visibility of our Bushcraft Community is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!


Here are the pictures from this meet-up

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  1. Unfortunately life has gotten in the way and I won’t make it. I hope everyone has a good time and stays safe.

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