Plan Your Visit to the New England Bushcraft Show

New England Bushcraft Show 2018

Plan your visit to the region’s adventure expo catering to enthusiasts of bushcraft, wilderness skills, hunting, back country travel, and overlanding

April 28th 10 am - 5pm

Collaboration between: 508INTL and New England Bushcraft Org    

Key information:

  • The show is at an outdoor primitive venue. Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.There is no running water, electricity, or heated rooms.
  • There is no seating: bring a folding chair or mat to sit on.
  • Feel free to bring food, water non-alcoholic beverages.
  • Bring your cooksets if you want to cook or make hot drinks. Throughout the Bushcraft Village and Basecamp there will be many fire pits that you can cook on.
  • Food vendors will be onsite if you wish to purchase food and beverages.
  • Bring your Bushcraft tools. Knives, axes, and wood working tools are welcome.
  • This is family friendly, bring your kids. We ask that adults/parents participate with their children in activities. Please do not leave your children unsupervised.
  • Dogs are welcome if they are on-leash, well behaved, and you pick up after them. Violators will be asked to leave.


Driving Directions:

Location is called 508 International

Venue address is 219 Brookfield Rd, Charlton, MA 01507


From Boston MA:


Exit 10 for MA-12 toward I-395/I-90/Auburn/Worcester

Keep right, follow signs for MA-12 S/US 20 W/Charlton/Sturbridge and merge onto MA-12 S

Continue straight onto US-20 W

Turn right onto MA-31 S/Brookfield Rd

219 Brookfield Rd is on the left


from Hartford CT:

I-84 E

Exit 3A to to merge onto US-20 E toward Worcester

Left onto MA-49 N

Turn right on Putnum Rd

Continue onto Brookfield Rd

219 Brookfield Rd on the right

Planning your day

The site map above highlights the main areas of focus.

  • Base Camp
  • Food Vendors
  • Bushcraft Vendor Area
  • URAL Off-road Motorcycle course
  • Bushcraft Village
  • Kids Corner


Base Camp Activities

As you enter, you will notice three Tentipi Adventure Tents in one area: this is Base Camp. Base Camp is where New England Bushcraft staff will be be based throughout the day. This location will not only host a series of campfire chats, but will also be where you will meet with any of the classes or workshops provided by independent instructors. Other workshops will be at the Bushcraft Village with the respective schools.  


Programming will be provided at the tentipi camp in BaseCamp. This consists of three nordic tipis. A large Zirkonflex 15 (Z15) and a mid-sized Safir 9 (S09) and a smaller, Zirkon 5 (Z05).


Basecamp Schedule


10:00 - Z15: New England Bushcraft Staff will be at the available to answer questions.

10:00 - S09: Micah Suprenant will be hosting a workshop on Natural Tinder and Basic Firecraft

10:30 - Z15: Michelle Viscardi (Mishka) from Ravyn Walks will run a guided forest therapy walk

11:00 - Z15: Anthony Brogno will discuss a recent multi month expedition in Patagonia

11:00 - S09: Edmund Lizotte will host an introduction to land navigation class

11:00 - Z15: Neil Wortley will discuss cooking and food safety


12:00 - Break from scheduled programming - get food - chat with folk.


1:00 - Z15: Zachary Fowler will provide a workshop on making and using a Slingshot

1:00 - S09: Mitch Mitchel will provide a Celestial Navigation workshop

1:30 - Z15: Michelle Viscardi (Mishka) from Ravyn Walks will run a guided forest therapy walk

2:00 - Z15: Malcolm Colderrre will show how to make a Tinder pouch

2:00 - S09: Edmund Lizotte will host a second class on land navigation

3:00 - Z15: Michael Girard will talk of his adventures uncovering New England's forgotten past

3:00 - S09: Zachary Fowler will provide a class on how to make and edit Bushcraft videos

4:00 - Z15: New England's contestants from ALONE will join us for a campfire chat and Q&A

5:00 - Z15: Grizzly Adams Giveaways. See below for the list of items available.


Grizzly Adams Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we have a selection of amazing products to giveaway! Our giveaway products will be showcased on the New England Bushcraft Table in BaseCamp and include:

  • Badger Claw Leather: Selection of handmade leather products
  • Covert Product Group: B.A.T. Coin and B.A.T Trident
  • Fjallraven: Selection of branded swag
  • Outback Trading Company: Selection of branded items including caps, tee shirts, mugs etc.
  • Ural of New England: Selection of branded swag
  • Wilderness Water & Woods Trading: Hults Bruk Aneby Hunting Axe


To participate in the giveaway, you must be a pre-registered online ticket holder.

New England Bushcraft will select names at random from the registration.

New England Bushcraft Village

We have a dedicated location for Bushcraft schools, program providers, instructors, and guides to setup camp. Many will arrive Friday afternoon or evening to set up their camp, harvesting local materials from the adjacent woods and preparing their location for the full day. You can expect that most of the folk in the Bushcraft Village will have a campfire running throughout the day. They will be staffing their exhibit, processing firewood, making their own food and drink and basically chilling out for the day. Feel free to come over and visit with them at anytime. Introduce yourself, sit down for a chat and learn what makes their program unique. At designated times the folks within the Bushcraft Village may have workshops or demos happening. If you want to come and chat, try to avoid a time when they are running a class.


Schools and Providers in the Bushcraft Village

Bear Grylls Survival Academy - New York

Jake St Pierre and Josh Valentine, lead instructors at the Bear Grylls Survival Academy in upstate New York, will run an exhibit promoting the survival academy.  Bear Grylls Survival Academy was launched in the UK in 2012 with the intensive 5-day Survival in the Highlands Course in Scotland. Since then, the UK Academy has launched a 24-Hour Family Course aimed at parents and children, a 24-Hour Adult Course, and Ultimate Team Building courses for the corporate market. All courses have proven to be extremely popular and are now selling out fast!
In July 2013, Bear announced the launch of BGSA in the USA, offering a rare chance for a lucky few outdoor enthusiasts across the country to learn his extreme survival techniques in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Jake and Josh are instructors at the Survival Academy and both work safety on Bear’s show for NBC, Running Wild. They also work freelance in the safety, survival, and mountain guiding worlds.


Earthwork Programs - Massachusetts

Join Frank Grindrod and Anthony Brogno from Massachusetts based Earthwork Programs. Wilderness Guide and Survival Instructor, Frank Grindrod has been dedicated to teaching earth skills since founding Earthwork Programs in 1999. Some of his focuses include nature awareness, tracking, wilderness living skills, and earth philosophy. He is a graduate of the nationally-recognized Outdoor Leadership Program at Greenfield Community College. Frank maintains his own education studying with respected mentors Tom Brown, Jon Young, Paul Rezendes, and others. He has been trained as a Wilderness First Responder and is a certified facilitator for the Nurtured Heart.


Whether the Andes, or the Alps; the Alaskan or the Appalachian, our adventure guide Anthony Brogno would love to show you his favorite peaks. His involvement in outdoor leadership began at a young age and has had a tremendous impact on his life. After some time spent pursuing a conventional education here in Massachusetts, he set out to explore the world; finding himself sharing his skills in such settings as guiding treks through indigenous communities in Bolivia, and tracking the great Patagonian Puma through remote nature reserves in Southern Chile. Anthony’s photography and field notes have been published in travel guide magazines to aid adventurous hikers through iconic trails in Patagonia. He’ll be sharing his knowledge of exotic wildernesses and native cultures around the world on our upcoming expeditions!

Estela Wilderness Education - Connecticut

Meet Connecticut based Kevin Estela from Estela Wilderness Education. Kevin brings extensive educational experience to the courses and material he offers. Kevin is a regular contributing author for RECOIL and OFF-GRID Magazine, American Survival Guide, American Frontiersman, Survivor’s Edge, and other magazines with over 100 published print articles. He is the author of many online articles for various websites and he is the top-billed Contributing Author for the website of Discovery Channel Host, Joel Lambert. He is a guest speaker at sportsmen’s shows, speaking engagements and webinars. He is a product tester for sporting goods companies and has a proven name in the business for providing honest feedback from years of experience in the field. Kevin has taught on both the East and West coast and has traveled to every corner of the United States, around the country, and even to the United Kingdom to teach bushcraft and survival skills. In January 2015, Kevin officially signed the Estela Wilderness Education Fund into effect. This fund was created to send underprivileged youth from his hometown to educational programs at the Environmental Learning Centers of Connecticut.

Mike Kinney Maine Guide

*** UPDATE 4/24 ***


Mike has been pulled into work on Saturday and is unable to participate in the show.

He sends his regrets.


Mike Kinney is a Maine Guide that offers full day and half day fishing and canoe adventures in Maine. Enjoy a day on the water in a traditional cedar and canvas canoe. His fishing and sightseeing trips are generally run out of an 18′ Norwest cedar and canvas canoe with a 10 hp motor. Paddling and remote pond trips are run out of 16′ and 17′ Old Town canoes and cedar and canvas Goose River Guide Canoes made by Bob White of Rockport, Maine. In addition to the canoes, Mike also offers hike-in or fly-in trips for trout and salmon.

Maine Primitive Skills School - Maine

Join Michael Douglas and the team from Maine Primitive Skills School in Maine. The Maine Primitive Skills School is an intentionally small learning facility with a mission to provide quality instructor level courses in primitive skills, bushcraft, wilderness survival, self reliance, permaculture design, and outdoor education with emphasis on learning and teaching in the out of doors, specializing in ancient skills that develop awareness and sufficiency with a focus on individuals, community interactions, and the environment.


Michael Douglas is a Registered Maine Guide.  His passion for nature, awareness, tracking, primitive skills, and philosophy, has taken him around the globe in search of teachers and opportunities to learn new skills. He is a former student of Paul Rezendes, Tom Brown Jr., Jon Young, and many others. Mike’s passion for both learning and teaching “primitive” techniques has earned him a unique reputation in the scouting community and among professional educators. After pursuing survival skills as a U.S Marine, he started his own Survival School in 1989 at the University of Maine. Mike credits his patient wife Karen and his children, Ryan, Dakota, and Emily, with their love and support in helping him realize his lifelong dream – teaching outdoor skills to all levels from beginners to military instructors of the craft.

Northcamp Survival School - Connecticut and New York

Founder of Northcamp Survival School, Steve Lancia can’t remember a time when camping and learning the ways of the outdoors weren’t a part of his life. Steve’s training started by the time he was eight years old. He was taught wilderness skills and how to be resourceful while afield by a veteran US Marine who had survived Iwo Jima, Guam and other campaigns. This Marine was not only an elite Scoutmaster and avid outdoorsmen, he was also Steve’s father and mentor.

Throughout his youth, Steve demonstrated an affinity for the outdoors and for mastering the skills of survival; as an Eagle Scout, a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor. After earning his degree in Forestry, Steve continued to add to his expertise as a Search and Rescue Team Member in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia, Professional with the National Ski Patrol, Licensed NYS Guide, American Red Cross Instructor, Licensed EMT and most recently a Wilderness EMT. Through the 90’s, as owner of North Sea Kayaking Company, he was the premiere survival instructor and kayaking outfitter on the East End of Long Island.

For over 45 years, Steve’s been building the knowledge and leadership skills necessary to avoid panic, conquer fear, function as a team, and find the solutions essential to survive on land and water. He has taught his Survival Mindset & Skills to private organizations, individuals, families, colleges, grade schools, The Boy Scouts, wilderness medicine clubs, youth groups and adult camps.


Bushcraft Village Schedule

Bear Grylls Survival Academy

11:00 - Edged Tool Maintenance and Safety

2:00 - Alpine Travel Safety and Recovery - demo a crevasse rescue scenario

Earthwork Programs

10:00 - Friction Fire Workshop and Demonstration

1:00 - Friction Fire Workshop and Demonstration

3:00 - Natural Cordage

Estela Wilderness Education

10:00 - Trapping Techniques

2:00 - Primitive Projectiles

Mike Kinney - Maine Guide

11:00 - Fly fishing Maine - CANCELED

2:00 - Intro to Canoe Camping - CANCELED

Maine Primitive Skills

11:00 - Wildlife Tracking

1:00 - Bow Making

3:00 - Hide Tanning - CANCELED due to hand injury the instructor cannot run this demo

Northcamp Survival

10:00: Wilderness Medicine

1:00: Survival Rules of Three

3:00: Wilderness Medicine


Note: These are the highlighted program providers in the Bushcraft Village. Additional instructors are providing programs and workshops at the BaseCamp and also at Vendor Alley. Notably, Mitch Mitchel from Native Survival and Alex Ribar from Liberty Rogue Outdoors are both located at the vendor alley area to sell their products. Additionally, Jeff Hatch has co-located with Fjallraven booth.


Kid’s Corner

Throughout the day from 10:00-12:00 and from 1:00-4:00 Michelle Barton and her team of instructors from the Outdoor Woodland Learners program will provide hands on craft and fun experiential fun for kids aged from 2 years old through early teens. We ask that adults/parents participate with their children in Kids Corner Activities. Please do not leave your child unattended in this area.


Outdoor Woodland Learners is a Southeastern Massachusetts nonprofit organization that believes in nurturing the deep and inherent bond between child and nature. This is accomplished through programs offering unstructured free play in nature, as well as outdoor experiential learning designed to develop an intimate, personal connection to the earth and its inhabitants. Their goal is to encourage exploration, learning, and wonder by providing opportunities for creativity, cooperation, imaginative play, physical strength development, mental strength development, and love of the outdoors within our natural world. Organic learning through nature’s classroom creates happier, healthier, smarter, inspired, earth-minded children.


Vendor Area

We have selected a small number of vendors to participate in the 2018 show.

Vendors at the New England Bushcraft Show include:

  • NEW: Vern’s Flint and Steel
  • NEW: Fowlers Makery and Mischief
  • NEW: Liberty Rogue Outdoors
  • Badger Claw Leather
  • Fjallraven
  • Southshore Trailer Tents - Cancelled due to family issue
  • Tentipi (See New England Bushcraft at Base Camp)
  • The Hiddenwoodsmen
  • Ural New England
  • New England Adventures - Cancelled due to family issue
  • Native Survival
  • Wilderness, Water & Woods Trading


Some vendors will also provide product demonstrations or workshops.


  • Jeff Hatch and Jim Rejniak from Raven Wilderness will will join the Fjallraven team all day doing demo’s of woodcraft and wood processing.
  • 11:00 the team will demo how to use GWax to make G-1000 fabric water resistant.
  • 1:00 Jeff Hatch will discuss edged tools and firewood processing
  • 3:00 Jim Rejniak will discuss tools and techniques for wood carving and crafting.


  • Join us at the BaseCamp area at 3:00 for a demo of how to set up a Nordic Tipi.

The Hidden Woodsmen

  • Join us all day for Free Handshakes and product Q&A.
  • Make sure to join us at BaseCamp at 2:00 for a workshop on making a tinder pouch.

Ural of New England

  • Meet with the URAL team at their “static display”
  • Test rides on their bikes at the motorbike track.
  • From 10:00 AM through 4:00 the team at Ural will provide test rides of the Ural Gear Up, a custom built adventure motorcycle.

New England Adventures

** 4/24 Update ***

Canceled due to family issue

  • Join Todd Crevier at the team at New England Adventures to learn about the value of wilderness trips and outdoor recreation of veteran health.

Native Survival

  • Mitch Mitchel will run a vendor booth with Bushcraft and survival products that he has designed.
  • Join Mitch at BaseCamp for a Celestial Navigation workshop at 1:00
  • Join Mitch at BaseCamp for a fireside chat with the New England cast of ALONE at 5:00

Liberty Rogue Outdoors

  • Alex and his colleagues will be onsite all day
  • Join Alex Ribar at 11:00 - Traditional Bow Hunting
  • Join Alex Ribar 2:00 - Hatchet Maintenance, Safety and Throwing

Fowlers Makery and Mischief

  • Zach and his colleagues will be onsite all day
  • Join Zach at 1:00 at BaseCamp for his slingshot demo
  • Join Zach at 3:00 at BaseCamp for his how to record bushcraft videos demo.

Motorcycle Course

We have dedicated a section of the venue for URAL New England to demonstrate the URAL off-road motorbike.


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