VLOG #Walkaboutwednesday with Alex Ribar from Liberty Rouge Outdoors – ALONE Season 4

Join Marcus, the founder of New England Bushcraft on an edition of #WalkAboutWednesday.
This week we head back up to Maine to meet with Alex Ribar a contestant from Season 4 of Alone. It was a fun trip out to meet with Alex, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about his outlook and philosophy on bushcraft as well as his traditional bow hunting style. Alex will be running a vendor booth promoting a knife that will soon be released for a kick-starter campaign. He is giving some talks and workshops at the New England Bushcraft Show on his traditional hunting style, I hope you enjoy the videos we made for the latest edition of #walkaboutwednesdays.

Don’t miss out – get your tickets to the New England Bushcraft Show here:

Follow Alex on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgx-xAiCy6fuoEw8dVQF7Rg


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  1. Hello Folk’s! Alex Ribar “Liberty Rogue Outdoors” Here! The count down is on and Spring has almost sprung up here in Maine…lol! Looking forward to This event and meeting all who attend…Stop by and learn a bit about Traditional Archery, the Art of the Stick & String and what it takes to Harvest and get close to Natures Bounty! Also learn the Technic of Tomahawk throwing…a fun and great way to enjoy the outdoors at any age! There will be a raffle held at my table stop by for details and plenty of shirts and “Liberty Rogue Outdoors” Maine Gifts and gear available! The Maine-iac Mountainman is sure to please…Booyaakah!

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