VLOG #Walkaboutwednesday with Zachary Fowler – Winner of ALONE Season 3

Join Marcus, the founder of New England Bushcraft on an edition of #WalkAboutWednesday.

This week we head to upstate Maine to meet with Zachary Fowler winner of Season 3 Alone. It was a fun day hanging out with Zach at his house and heading over to the homestead where his journey into bushcraft first started. Zach is giving some talks and workshops at the New England Bushcraft Show, I hope you enjoy the video we made for the latest edition of #walkaboutwednesdays

Written transcript:

Marcus: Hey, everybody. Marcus here with the New England Bushcraft Show today for the #WalkaboutWednesday. I’ve come up to Maine to meet up with Zachary Fowler, the winner of History Channel’s TV show Alone (Season 3).

Zach, I’d like to have a chat with you and understand what got you into bushcraft because you thrived in Patagonia. Tell us how that happened.

Zach: I didn’t get into bushcraft for the sake of bushcrafting or survival. I actually bought my land here like 15 years ago, moved out here, started out by living in a camper. It was like I went to garage sales, found books on survival and things, so that I could use them. Come home and use them in homesteading, gardening. Where I learned how to harvest wild plants from the woods, so I could put mushrooms on my pizza, that were wild. Harvest wild edibles.
I had a woodchuck that kept getting into my garden. I looked up a primitive trap, so I could use it to catch the woodchuck that kept eating my cabbage. Then the next thing I know, after years of doing that and still building boats at the same time, the opportunity came along to go out on Alone and take this one step further and turn it into almost– Pretty much now, it’s a full-time career, making YouTube videos about survival and shooting slingshots.

Marcus: Awesome. If you’re involved in homesteading, if that’s something that you’re interested in or you currently do. I think you’ll find that there’s a lot you can learn at the New England Bushcraft Show with primitive skills and other workshops that will be going on. Come and join us, April 28th in Charlton, Massachussetts. Find out more information at newenglandbushcraft.org.

Hey, everybody. Marcus here. I’m cooking up some steaks with Zach Fowler up in Maine. Zach, I’m really interested to know what interests you about the the bushcraft in New England Bushcraft Show? Because we talked about it early on and you were quite excited about participating in it.

Zach: Well, there really isn’t anything here in New England of any substantial size that everybody can come and meet at, for bushcrafting, or survival, or homesteading, or gardening, or all those things that will be combined in this show. It’s a family event, or as most of these are, you have to go to halfway to Florida or all the way out to Colorado. It’s such a long trek, you don’t get to see the people again. This is New England, so if you come out– You’re in New England, you’ve got to meet other people of like mindsets. It’s family-oriented. I have a family and we love having adventures together. My girls are going to love this. We’re going to have a great time. Definitely come on out.

Marcus: I’m going to echo that point. It is family-oriented. I’ve got a five-year-old. He’s got, I think it was a three and a six-year-old. We want kids to come to the show. If your kids are older than 10, we ask you to buy tickets so that they can participate in the workshops and the classes. Third to 10, bring them and it’ll be free. Just come along and let them get outdoors and enjoy the activities alongside you. Find out more information at newenglandbushcraft.org and we look forward to seeing on April 28th.

Marcus: Hey, everybody. Marcus here with the New England Bushcraft Show. I’m just finishing off cooking some steaks and having a camp fire chat with Zach Fowler. Zach, one of the things that I’m really pleased to have to say is that you’re not just turning up to the show to participate as a defendee. You’re actually are going to be doing some things for us. Give us a rundown of the things you’ll be doing that at the show.

Zach: Yes, I’ll be at the show the whole time. Feel free to come up and approach me at any time. I’ve got some baseball cards where I’ll hand out and you can, from my stats on my time out there on Alone, surviving 87 days. I’ll be doing the talk about that while I’m there, like a little fireside chat. I’ll be bringing down all the spoons and the Whizzer stuff I curve, my whole story of six symbols for every day. Telling my story of my time out there, on Alone.
I’ll tell that story and we’ll hang out and do a little one on one chatting after with everybody and then I’m going to do a talk about how to make a slingshot. Bring a couple of box and I’ll have slingshot bands and frames that you can whittle up while we talk about how to do that and you can walk away with the slingshot and a lesson from me on how to shoot the slingshot and become accurate with it.
Lastly, we’ll be doing a talk about how to film because I did so much filming out there alone, now that has become my full-time career, filming YouTube videos about building my shelter here and having adventures in Maine and shooting stuff with slingshots. We’re going to do that. We’ll talk about how to film, what cameras to use, what cheap cameras to use, what expansive cameras, how to turn into a YouTube video, editing and releasing the video, all of it. I’ll let you know. I’ll let you in on the backdoor of all that stuff. It’s going to be fun, come on out, you don’t want to miss this.

Marcus: Excellent, thanks. Thanks, Zach. We look forward to your participation. There’s going to be between 25 and 30 hours worth of programming. There’s really plenty to do, whether it’s primitive hunting skills, fire lighting or like Zack said; making slingshots and recording videos, lots of activities. Find out more information at newenglandbushcraft.org, and we look forward to seeing on April 28th.