The Untrammeled Wild

Survival Story in the Pacific

Towards the end of November, fisherman Ron Ingraham, and his sailboat, the Malia, encountered rough waters as he tried to enter Kaumalapau Harbor after sunset. Strong winds took him 200 miles from South Point, and his boat was taking in water after nearly capsizing. Radio comm was knocked out, but he managed to improvise a … Continue reading Survival Story in the Pacific

New Snowshoes, Wildcamping Along the Ives’ Trail

Hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday break :). I know I sure did, Santa brought me a pair of LL Bean snowshoes :D. They are a welcome addition to my kit and will be replacing my older pair, a cheap set made by Alps, which have worn out. Unfortunately, Santa didn’t bring any snow, only … Continue reading New Snowshoes, Wildcamping Along the Ives’ Trail

A Package of Flint

Earlier last week, I received a box by post from a friend of mine in the UK. It felt like Yule had come to my doorstep, especially since I knew what would be inside…flint :). Flint and other cherts are very hard to find in the northeastern US, except for spotted locations on the map … Continue reading A Package of Flint

LK-35 Rucksack Modifications

When it comes to affordable pack options, most folks favour surplus military rucksacks because they are usually good quality and relatively inexpensive, though this often comes at the cost of comfort and weight. The medium ALICE pack, though popular here in the States, weighs in at around 6 pounds 8 ounces/ 3 kilograms (with the … Continue reading LK-35 Rucksack Modifications


Winter is coming….no, this isn’t about Game of Thrones, but the fact that snow season is coming up fast. Previous years have taught me that trudging through a thick blanket of accumulation, even with snowshoes, gives me damp, cold calves from kicked-up snow. I need something to protect that area. Gaiters, or leggings, are the … Continue reading Gaiters

A Shortcut to Black Walnuts

I was out for a short wander the other day, and decided to take a quick shortcut by following a frequented deer path. I made my turn and noticed the scratch markings shown below on a Norway Maple sapling. Apparently, a buck came through to scrape the velvet off his antlers. And about 8 yards … Continue reading A Shortcut to Black Walnuts

First Snow of the Season

I woke up this morning to a beautiful, frosty landscape. We had a light dusting of snow, no more than 2 cm (just under an inch) accumulation, but it sure made me excited :). Norway Spruces (left) and Black Oak Ridge. I met a curious deer along the way. 🙂 Nearing the summit of Black … Continue reading First Snow of the Season

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